Research and Development

We take on market leaders through continuous research and development. We pursue innovation and create smart technologies. We are thorough. We give you unique solutions, from simple to complex, to meet current and future needs.

Design and Engineering

We take on market leaders through clever design and engineering. We create striking designs and pursue future product roadmaps. We are creative. We give you unique products, both distinct and commercial, to meet current and future needs.

Manufacturing and Logistics

We work with attention to detail. We offer prototype services. We contract manufacturing utilizing world-class facilities. We handle tooling, samples, production, quality control, packaging and global logistics. We are full-service.


We believe in making our technologies accessible to all our customers. We deliver exceptional functionality in desk monitor arms, wall monitor mounts and sit-stand desks and retrofits that allows you to work and relax in the optimal posture and with the optimal viewing distance.

Circular Product Design

We believe in sustainability for everyone through Circular Product Design. We aim at extending the life of our products. That means we aim for long-lasting functional, technical and aesthetic design. And we aim for the ease of upgrade and maintenance and repair.

Vlaar International

We innovate and design for you to rebrand our products that fit any contemporary home or office. We deliver technology and sustainable, modular and circular products. And we transcend all manufacturing expectations to take on market leaders.

Desk monitor arms, wall monitor mounts and sit/stand desks and retrofits are traditionally unimpressive. So we are going to reinvent them and make them finished.

Innovate it.